Pinnacares earrings arespecial designed pressure earrings for post operative treatment of  keloid  on ear lobule. Ear keloid can  be  a problem in  any person who try  to wear  regular piercing earrings.  The problem of mass(keloid)  can be taken out by  an operative excision but  if  you do nothing  after operation the mass will return  very soon.


         One of a comfortable  post op   treatment  is pressure earring. The earrings  can  be worn  after the  surgical wound is  already healed. The  earrings  are designed  to have  boarder plate  on self-adjusting  clip to  make moderate even pressure  on the surface  to be more comfortable compare to regular fashion  pressure earrings.


         The  pressure  plate  are  approximately 4-10 millimeters and can  be covered with  a silicone sheet for more effective  of scar treatment. After  sutures are removed and the wound  completely healed, the pinnacares  can be  put on the  earlobe and squeeze  gently  to activate  the pressure  on the scar.


         Pinnacares  are attractive  designed for  both male and female  patient.They  can be used  for day-time  and night-time.The design is not very fashionable , so  you  can wear  them in many  situations.  The  products  are made from hopoallergic and nickel free  material. The Pressure plate and clip surface can  be mouthed  with  silicone sheets (Some have been  done  without extra expenses) to boost up the effectiveness. After the scar is  completely flat, you still can we wear them if  you do not want to  use normal  earrings. They  can be uses by anyone who  like to  wear  earrings but does not  want to  use  piercing  earrings.


         When  use first use the  product, clean the oily earlobe  with  a alcohol pad and  let it dry. Put on the earrings  gently  and wear them  for 2 hours  on the  first day. Then  increase  the time (4,6,8 hours) on the next day until you  can achieve 8 to 16 houir. For someone  that do not  want to  use it  at day time  you can use the night series  to wear  at  bed  time. After  taking off , if you  have silicone sheet on the plates, before putting back in the box, put the  plate surface  on the plastic bar  to  prevent  sticky to the. clip  surface.




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